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Spirituality can be defined as a sense of connection to something bigger than yourself. It can help you find meaning and purpose, and can create positive emotions filling you with peace and contentment. There is an overlap in emotional wellbeing and spiritual wellbeing. Creating a spiritual practice for yourself has a multitude of benefits. 

During the First Session, we explore what you are needing from a holistic guide, map out our journey together, and establish mutual expectations.

During a Holistic Guide Session we center our bodies, focus our minds, and connect to our higher selves.  Then we address what may need immediate attention, explore new ideas, release built up stress, or work toward your overall goals . Toward the end of the session we will create short term goals to complete in between sessions and resources will be provided, if needed, that will help you achieve those goals.


I do not use the tool of coaching to look into the past to treat previous experience, but rather explore the present to move forward, set personal and professional goals, and take action in order to manifest the solutions one wishes to realize. Because coaching is a future-oriented tool based on a learning and developmental model, during each session, spiritual awareness and holistic understanding are used to lead one to the desired outcome.


It is common to want to explore private matters about oneself or speak from a vulnerable state - each meeting is private and confidential, except where prohibited in law such as the exhibition of danger to oneself or others or being involved in a major crime.

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