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At The Well-Worn Soul, our mission is to guide and empower individuals on their Sacred Journey of holistic healing, spiritual awakening, and soulful transformation. We embrace a holistic approach that nurtures the mind, body, and soul, recognizing the interconnectedness of these facets.

Through our Holistic Guidance, Sound Baths, Reiki Healing, Guided Meditations, and Angelic Healing, we create a space where individuals can discover their true potential, align with their soul's purpose, and raise their vibration to embrace a path of higher consciousness and personal ascension.

We are committed to providing compassionate support, tools, and insights that inspire profound balance, inner peace, and spiritual empowerment.

Together, we embark on a transformative journey towards greater harmony, well-being, and the embodiment of the radiant, well-worn soul.


Though my story in this life began in Fort Worth, Texas, my early years took place in Newburgh, New York, where it was just my immediate family, far from extended relatives. 

As the youngest of 5, I grew up in a household with several different personalities: I learned how to navigate the complexities within people, their various needs, and the nuances of living in a large family.

In 1st Grade, we returned to Texas, settling in Waco, where I spent my remaining adolescence. Growing up, I constantly sought to find my place in the world, trying to conform to the conventional blueprint laid out for us. However, I ultimately couldn't fit into this mold. This made childhood difficult for me, giving me a sense of never truly belonging anywhere. 

Raised Baptist, I had always possessed a hunger for spiritual growth, questioning the reality I was living in and how the world functioned around me, and the Church was my only outlet. I was baptized at 15, and for me, it was an acceptance that there are Divine Forces greater than us at hand. 


It is no surprise that a decade later, John the Baptist showed up as one of my Guides.

Before college, I was still searching for my path. I had always been good at holding space for others, listening to their stressors, and being there for them. I knew I was called to help Humanity in some way, and I considered becoming a Teacher or Psychologist. I chose Psychology to better understand others and, ultimately, myself. The Church no longer fed my desire for growth, so I began exploring other options.

Studying at The University of North Texas was a transformative experience: I met my husband, Geoffrey, encountered open and accepting people, and began exploring various religions and spiritual practices. I learned about the Divine Masculine and Feminine, manifestation, and our connection to everything in the Universe. In my classes, I learned foundational techniques that I still use today. Throughout college, my spiritual practice and career ambitions ran on parallel tracks: I was on the path to becoming a Clinical Psychologist while rapidly growing and expanding on an emotional and spiritual level.

In 2018, Geoffrey and I married. He entered the United States Air Force, I graduated from college, and we moved to Monterey, California. I took a two-year break while Geoffrey focused on his training. This period was very challenging for me: isolated from everything and everyone I knew, I embraced the role of The Hermit. I was able to connect to Mother Earth and my intuition on another level. My spiritual practice deepened, allowing me to heal old wounds and know myself on a profound level.

In April 2020, we moved to Annapolis, Maryland. The job market was not ideal due to pandemic restrictions, so I had to explore other career opportunities. During my search, I discovered the world of coaching, which provided me with the chance to help others heal themselves. I enrolled in a year-long program and dove in headfirst. We were instructed to find our niche within coaching, and I pondered this deeply. I kept returning to spirituality, which had been the most transformative aspect of my own journey, and I knew it could help others too.


Thus, The Well-Worn Soul was born.


Over time, I felt called to other modalities to expand my way of helping others. I discovered the multitude of paths one can take for healing and saw how much it can differ from person to person. The need for a holistic approach to healing became increasingly apparent. I saw how much connecting to your Guides, Ancestors, Cosmic Beings and the Divine truly helps support one on their journey. Everything began to fall into place, and opportunities presented themselves exactly when needed. 

I purchased a set of crystal singing bowls and began offering sound baths to the local community. I became attuned to Reiki, enabling me to facilitate healing on both physical and soul levels. I connected deeper to Mother Earth and Father Cosmos through The Rites of the Munay-Ki. I connected with the Angelic Realms and experienced the power of Angelic Healing.

Geoffrey and I learned how vital and life-changing a holistic spiritual practice can be. Through trial and error, we've crafted a business centered around providing that for others, helping them heal, grow, and fulfill their life's purpose. 

As the Founder of The Well-Worn Soul, I am able to play the role of Eternal Student of Psychology, Teacher, Coach, Mentor, Guide, and Friend in a place where everyone belongs and has an opportunity to grow and flourish. 


Welcome, Well-Worn Soul.


University of North Texas Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

International Coaching Federation Associate Certification

Certified Reiki Master in Ascension Cosmic Diamond Light Reiki and Ascension Cosmic Crystal Light Reiki

Certified Expert Sound Healer, with a specialization in crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, and crystal pyramids

Certified Advanced Angelic Healing Practitioner

Certified Advanced Crystal Healing Practitioner

Certified Munay-Ki Practitioner

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In this life, my story began in Mexico City, Mexico where I was born into a family rich in culture, experience, and spirituality. 


Through my Maternal Lineage, I was introduced to the traditional, Chinese Culture of my Abuelito and the colorful, Mexican Culture of my Abuelita: I can remember statues of Daoist Deities sitting amidst a backdrop of indigenous, Aztec Artisanry throughout each room, the rhythmic chanting of tamal vendors calling from open windows, and the delicate brush strokes of Tang Dynasty poetry staring down from the walls of our great home.


Through my paternal lineage, I was introduced to the fantastical tales this world has to offer, thanks to the stories shared by my Grandma and Grandpa in faraway places: stories of lions and giraffes dancing amidst the Serengeti, dining with leaders of the old and new world, and soaring beside Halley’s Comet. (Think Big Fish meets Secondhand Lions!) But, it was also through them that I was introduced to the world of New Age Spirituality/Philosophy and the belief in a Soul Family, or the idea that we choose to travel with the same souls through various incarnations.


Throughout childhood and early adolescence, I attended various Catholic preparatory schools, following our move in 1998 to the Dallas-Fort Worth Area in Texas, and cultivated an intimate relationship with Theology as a core subject - paired with stories of Edgar Cayce, Atlantis, and Past-Life Memories told by my Grandma and Grandpa and the mysticism of Ancient China and Ancient Mexico told by my Abuelito, I embarked on a mission to assemble my own beliefs and sense of identity outside of Catholicism.


I began to pursue a more holistic and dialectical approach to my own spirituality.


I am now blessed to work with a diverse pantheon of Sacred Energies, including Jesus Christ, Buddha, Guan Yin, Virgin Mary, Saint Jude Thaddeus, Love Light Cosmic Beings, Native Earth Healers, and more.


Following 2 years at the University of North Texas in Denton and marriage to John in 2018, my passion for language and culture led us into 6 years with the United States Air Force wherein I was trained in Mandarin Chinese at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center in Monterey, California as a Cryptologic Language Analyst and later graduated with an Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Arts in Chinese-Mandarin and Associate of Applied Science in Intelligence Studies and Technology.


For a season, it had seemed destined for me to pursue a career in the military until retirement: I had survived one of the most difficult academic environments in the military and graduated with honors, climbed through the ranks, and experienced much success in spite of the career challenges. However, amidst the chaos of the pandemic, I contracted a severe infection as a result of being overprescribed a medication and it became obvious that this dream was a catalyst for an awakening: I had to make a change.

Through 4 years of treatment of various comorbid chronic and autoimmune diagnoses, we shifted and began to create the life we are now living with The Well-Worn Soul: one which is radically intentional and naturally intuitive.


Today, The Well-Worn Soul is not just a business but a culmination of our life's rich tapestry - interwoven with diverse cultural heritage, spiritual exploration, and personal growth. 


As the Experience Curator at The Well-Worn Soul, I am passionate about creating spaces and opportunities for others to discover their own paths, to heal, and to connect with the Sacred Energies which guide us.


Welcome, Well-Worn Soul.


Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center Bachelor of Arts in Chinese-Mandarin

Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center Associate of Arts in Chinese-Mandarin

Community College of the Air Force Associate of Applied Science in Intelligence Studies and Technology

Certified Reiki Master in Ascension Cosmic Diamond Light Reiki and Ascension Cosmic Crystal Light Reiki

Certified Numerologist

Certified Munay-Ki Practitioner

Certified Crystal Healer

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