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Pre-Eclipse Energy Activation Meditation


Join us for a transformative Meditation experience as we prepare our energy bodies for the upcoming solar eclipse. Guided by holistic guide and founder of The Well-Worn Soul, John W. East, this sacred journey will lead you through profound realms of healing, spiritual alignment, and cosmic connection. What to Expect: During our meditation, we will embark on an enchanting voyage to the Arcturian Crystal Lake, where the Mother Crystal awaits to bestow upon us personalized healing and spiritual updates. Here, you will find balance restored to your energy body, mind, and soul. Next, we'll be graced by the presence of Seraphim Seraphiel, the radiant angel of divine will and higher illumination. As our hearts open wide, each chakra will be bathed in golden-blue light, infusing us with divine knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment. But the journey doesn't end there. Prepare to encounter the majestic Rainbow Dragon, surrounded by its shimmering rainbow light. As it encircles us, a multicolored mystical flame will ignite within, attracting blessings of great significance and guiding us toward our highest good. Don't miss this opportunity to cleanse, align, and activate your energy in preparation for the powerful energies of the solar eclipse. Who Should Attend: This meditation is ideal for individuals seeking to cleanse, align, and activate their energy bodies in preparation for the upcoming solar eclipse. Whether you're drawn to exploring profound realms of healing, spiritual renewal, or cosmic connection, this sacred journey offers something for everyone. Note: If you choose to use a phone device, we recommend using headphones for the best sound quality. We are using the highest recommended recording equipment for our virtual sound baths and meditations, and the quality of the sound depends highly on the speakers processing the event.

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