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Reflections from a
Well-Worn Soul


"I was struggling with time management, emotional regulation, mindfulness, being grounded, coping with and moving forward after a medical diagnosis, figuring out what spirituality means to me, and raising my spiritual frequency/vibration. I've been much more mindful and intentional since working with John. I enjoy having a second perspective from John and gaining a new perspective myself.I learned that it's ok to work through my emotions the way I need to in order to gain a new spiritual perspective. I've been able to dive into my spirituality completely, which has led me to live an almost new life, full of intentionality and working towards living out my soul's purpose on this earth. John is a very calming presence that eases my anxieties in some of my most challenging situations. That calmness and ability to offer a perspective full of kindness, patience, and empathy is necessary for me to be able to work through the situations that present themselves in my life."

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